Best way to clean model railroad track

Cleaning model railroad track is essential for ensuring smooth operation of trains and preventing derailments. Here are some of the best ways to clean model railroad track:

  1. Use a track cleaning car: A track cleaning car is a special type of car that has cleaning pads or brushes attached to its underside. As it moves along the track, it cleans the rails and removes any dirt, dust, or other debris.

2. Use a track cleaning fluid: There are various track cleaning fluids available on the market that can be used to clean model railroad track. These fluids are applied to a cleaning pad or cloth, which is then used to wipe the rails clean.

Track Cleaning Fluids

3. Use a track cleaning block: A track cleaning block is a small block of material, such as abrasive rubber or fiberglass, that is used to clean the rails. Simply rub the block over the rails to remove any dirt or oxidation.

Track Cleaning Bright Boy

4. Use a track cleaning tool: There are various track cleaning tools available, such as brushes, scrapers, and erasers, that can be used to clean the rails. These tools are particularly useful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as switches and turnouts.

Tidy Track Rail Tracker Cleaning Kit 

This Woodland Scenics Tidy Track is my preferred method to clean track

5. Use a vacuum cleaner: A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove any loose dirt or debris from the track. Make sure to use a soft brush attachment to avoid scratching the rails.

Vacuums for cleaning track and excess scenery

Regardless of the method you choose, it is important to regularly clean your model railroad track to ensure that it operates smoothly and reliably.

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