Welcome to Stan’s Hobbies and Interests

Hi! Landing here you may be thinking what hobbies or interests I’ll be discussing? Right?

I have attempted many activities (hobbies) over the last many years. Several have stuck. I plan to talk about these few and especially concentrate on the tips and tricks I have learned along the way. In some cases this may help with the mystic of the topic of your choice and help you enjoy it as a hobby. As we progress I feel sure that you will become relaxed and confident in achieving your goals.

These topics I plan to discuss are:



Model Railroading HO scale ( The information can apply to all scales)

Homebrewing Beer

Home Made Wine

Kids Interests

About the Author

I am retired. My career spans various management positions, the Army and law enforcement. Through the years I have made my wines, brewed beers, purchased my first Canon camera while in the Army, been a member of the Black Diamond Model Railroad Club for over 20 years and enjoyed the wonders of the night sky through my Celestron – 8 Schmidt Telescope. I would like to share that journey of tips and tricks with you.

Over the next months I plan to start with beginner information, to allow you to see if there is any interest. Then moving on to more advanced information and techniques that I have learned along the way. I’m sure that as we discuss more, you will become more relaxed and confident in your chosen topic and you will be able to research more advanced techniques helping to enhance your skills

Each of the topics listed above became more interesting as I learned to improve my skills. I’m certain that once you learn the tips and tricks you will feel the same enjoyment.

Take a look. Find an area that may interest you.

Leave a comment below for something you may be looking for.


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